It's That Time of Year Again
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Help me make an awesome Halloween costume. Necessities inside.

I'm a preschool teacher so I need something kid friendly. I went as a cat last year (black shirt and pants, cat ears and drawn on face). This is the kind of simplicity I'm looking for. It has to be comfortable because I'm often running/jumping/skipping/sitting on the floor. I can't pay an arm and a leg* and bonus points for things that can be reused like the shirt and pants from last year. Recognizable characters for books/movies/TV shows are fine. I can have a hat or headband, but nothing that covers my face.

I have access to cheap makeup, but my skin is fairly sensitive. I'm a mid-forties female about 5'5" and a size 12-14.

*They pay preschool teachers peanuts when those are some of the most important years of a child's live. Makes no sense to me.
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Miss Frizzle from The Magic Schoolbus? No need for makeup, maybe just a wig and a kooky dress.

Loonette the Clown from The Big Comfy Couch? No makeup, just a clown nose and a distinctive hairstyle - and big comfy overalls with striped socks.
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I'm no hero, I admit it, but under similar constraints I have grabbed a onesie pajama. They have them at Target if you want to go in person but Amazon's selection is great. You can go Cute Animal or Movie Character, maybe some other ones too. Is it "awesome"? Probably not, but kids seem to like it.
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You could be a bat pretty easily with the black outfit, like this (shows a dress, but the wings are the key):
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(...and in case no one's told you today, THANK YOU for the work you do. Preschool teachers make the world go round imho.)
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Seconding onesie pajamas. I got this dinosaur/dragon costume and was very happy with the quality. Their store front has other options. If you go this route, make sure to check the customer photos to see exactly what you're getting and (hopefully) how it will fit on you.
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A ladybug should be pretty easy. Last year's black pants, a red tulle tutu use a marker to make dots), a red tshirt or the black one from last year, ladybug wings that you can probably get from most halloween stores, and an antenna headband.
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I reuse Halloween costumes for years at a time, and sometimes just add and subtract stuff. Four years on my current pirate costume, plus a new sword, minus a lost shoulder parrot, etc.

You likely have a different batch of kids who maybe haven’t seen your cat costume from last year- if the cat worked, and budget is an issue, can you re-use your cat costume? Maybe add something each year, like a tail or some claw-like fake fingernails to expand on it and gradually build the greatest cat costume ever over the years?*

*sorry if this suggestion is too practical/boring.
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Black pants + black and white striped shirt = mime or bank robber?
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Black sweatpants, long sleeved black t-shirt. Find a pattern and make skeleton bones out of white fabric, press on with fusible fabric. Outline the bones with glow-in-the-dark fabric paint. We did this and it was not hard, quite effective. You could use this technique to go as ABCs or numbers, or to make a zebra.

I plan to dress up as Night, with black tshirt & leggings under a thin black skirt & top, spatter-painted with stars and galaies and with tiny battery-powered lights.
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Could you be Arthur? Blue pants, white button down, yellow sweater and some aardvark ears?
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I went as a bee in a flower one year.

I wore all green, made a collar of petals out of stiff felt, and then made a sort of bee hat with yellow and black stripes, wings and pipe-cleaner legs. My face was the bee's face, and its body was my head plus a little more.

It was pretty easy and cheap to make, easy to put on and take off, no makeup required and no modifications to clothing other than some safety pins.
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Witches hat and Hogwarts scarf?
Spider Hairdo
Birdnest hair
Another spider hairstyle
Hoodie raven
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These costumes can all be made with basic clothing in solid colors, plus maybe one or two easy DIY accessories. The ideas are presented as if they were for kids, but most would honestly be fine for any age, like the gay costume you mentioned.
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Red shirt + bright green hat = bottle of Sriracha (or use a white cap for Tabasco, if that's more your thing)
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Thanks everyone! I can't wear last year's clothes because I don't have them anymore. They ended up two sizes too big (yay me!).

Since I work with all the preschoolers, most have seen last year's cat.

nuclear_soup, that website is a treasure trove.

I like the bat and the ladybug idea. Everyone else too! Hopefully I'll post pictures in November.
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