Where's the cheapest place to get some famous heads?
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I'm looking for life size heads of famous people for a project involving makeup. Ideally with hair but we can wig them. Probably like 40-50. All different. All famous people. Is there's someone who 3D prints these things at a decent number somewhere in the world at a decent quality?
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It seems very unlikely that accurate 3D models of the heads of famous people would be publicly available, but if you do find them, 3D printing has fairly coarse resolution, and probably wouldn't be anywhere close to the smoothness of skin. If that's a concern, make sure you get samples from whoever is doing the printing.
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Not exactly what you're asking for and yet I somehow think this might be useful to you: check out hyperflesh.com for extraordinarily life-like masks and see the instagram to see how they photograph out in the world: @hyperfleshdude.
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Could plaster busts work?
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You could buy rubber masks (inlcuding full head masks) and Styrofoam heads to put them on.

I does sound like it would be easier to Photoshop this together though, if it's just for a still picture (or do it in post if it's a video).
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