Online Payments for the PTA
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Our PTA doesn't currently accept online payments, which is an inconvenience for many as they constantly need $5 here, $10 there. What's the best way for a PTA to accept online and track payments?

I would define "best" as
*Set up specifically for the organization (as in, not just somebody using their personal account to funnel funds)
*Intuitive for admins and users
*Easy to track different projects
*Cheap or free (we are a non-profit)
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Have you looked at Stripe? I thinkI see that a lot at Scouting events, craft fairs, and PTO things.

I don't think anyone does a zero-cost credit card process, but theirs is a reasonable cost coupled with a cheap reader and free software.

And they seem to offer a discount to non-profits:
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If your PTA already has an organizational bank account, check there first.
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I was administrating the online part of my elementary PTA until recently. I used to whip up Wordpress pages by hand and add a Paypal link, which was a huge pain in the ass.

The new parents that took over have switched to Memberhub (just for the payment capabilty, not the organizational stuff) and it seems pretty well geared towards what you want to do since they specialize in PTAs.

Their pricing page can help you compare what Memberhub costs other companies. Credit card transactions are 3.5% + $0.50.
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...costs compared to other companies. Sorry. Typo.
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Our PTO just started accepting Venmo and PayPal this year. I couldn't tell you about the set up process or costs, but I don't think they would have done it if there any issues on that front.

Most people are familiar with PayPal and Venmo so I think familiarity was also a factor. Between the two, it's likely many people have at least one, so there's no extra effort in getting a different app, etc.
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My experience with PayPal and venmo is that they are tied to individuals who will leave eventually.
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The nonprofit I work for uses Donorbox and I'm pretty happy with it. It integrated really easily with our Squarespace website and it plays well with Paypal as well. I used it to sell tickets for our big fundraiser last spring and it went quite seamlessly. You will need to have a paypal account, yes, but you can set that up specifically for the PTA if they have a dedicated bank account. We also use Square readers at events - that's separate from Donorbox but also works fine.
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[canada filter]. Our school and PAC (like pta?) just started using I don’t know if I’m a fan yet, but it’s clearly set up for schools.
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