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in the mid 80s we were assigned a story

I assume written between then and the late 70s: set now, it's about a congregation clashing over remodeling their synagogue.

what I remember:
the high holy days have been switched to January

the prayer books are 50s era religious school texts

the most religious congregant recites the hamotzi instead of the shema

the double doors of the synagogue are redesigned to have a cross on one and a crescent moon on the other. the last image is a yellow star spray painted between them.

does anyone know the name and author?
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I can't answer about the story, but I can ask the obvious question. Are you having trouble contacting your old classmates, teacher, rabbi, someone who has access to the old schoolbooks? If you'll share what you've tried so far, maybe AskMe can help with that.
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it was a photocopy and the rabbi who taught the class is no longer there.
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