Seeking video or audio from the 00s D.C. H.O.B.O. Clothes commercial
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I am trying to find the audio or video of the commercial for H.O.B.O. Clothes, an independent clothing shop in the Capitol Heights area of Washington, D.C. The commercials would have aired in the early 2000s, and I'd love to hear the theme music again. It was an original jingle that mentioned the store by name. There are at least two videos on YouTube taken at/within the store itself, but the song in this video is not the jingle that I'm looking for.
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Hobo shop, hobo shop, come on down to the Hobo shop! At least that was the jingle for the Philly branch around the same time. I would love to hear that again!
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I didn't realize there was a Philly branch! I think that jingle might have been different. My recollection of the DC song was that it didn't repeat "shop", just "hobo". I'll have to try to find the Philly one, too :)
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I’ve been looking for years. It was sublime. By god I hope you find it.
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