Home swapping for short to medium lengths
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My parents are interested in "home swapping" with like-minded people around the US/the world. They'd like to travel to a place for a week to a month and stay in someone's home while the other homeowner stays in their home. Any recommendations on good websites (fee or non-fee based) that might include reviews, references, security deposits or anything else that seems like a good idea?
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My friend has had surprisingly lovely experiences with Home Exchange. I say surprisingly because I'm always worried something's going to go wrong, but she has had nothing but good experiences, and even made friends with some of the people she's swapped with.
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Another vote for HomeExchange. Same experience as aboveā€”a dear friend had great experience and keeps in touch with some past swappers. I think they have a good system of vetting that helps avoid some of the pitfalls with other sites.
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My inlaws have been members of the Evergreen Homestay Travel Club for many years. When they travel, they stay at the home of other Evergreen members. In return, they host Evergreen members who visit their part of the US. I believe there is a payment of $15-$20 per night.

The arrangement has worked out very well for them. They are the kind of people who always like meeting someone new, they are happy to host, and they are also happy to leave people to their own devices. The logistics of it have always gone smoothly, as far I've heard (and they've done this multiple times a year for several years).

I don't know whether Evergreen supports visits when the host is away from home, but it's worth looking into.
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