Origin of "420"
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What is the origin of "420"

I was at a party last night and a topic of discussion moved to smoking pot. We were both wondering where did the term "420" come from. She heard that it meant 4:20PM was the best time to smoke. Any tokers on this one?
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The story that I've heard as 'true' the most times is that a bunch of people who were the first ones to popularize it for college/etc got together at 4:20 to smoke, just because it fit in with their class schedules/etc. The one that's definitely not true is that its the Calif penal code for possession. You can look it up; definitely not there.
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Best answer: Snopes.

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Snopes for the confirmation. I was a bit off.
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Only one entity can fully answer the question.
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Couldn't you have waited 25 minutes to post this question? Then it would have been 4:20 somewhere in the world?
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Snopes is great, and so is Wikipedia.

But so is Ask Metafilter for answers to questions exactly like this one.
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As an aside, my old boss went to San Rafael High in the 1970s and she says she never heard the term until recently.
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meehawl, perhaps that's how she came to the boss man...
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I never expected to be a folk etymologist -- because up until two months ago, I was a mute.

Er -- personally, the high-school pothead story sounds unbelievably lame. It doesn't seem like the kind of thing that would spread, but it is attested. *shrug*
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