Should I replace my airpod or get something different?
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I lost one of my airpods yesterday. Boo. Should I pay the €69 for a a single replacement pod? Or is there something better out there (with, possibly, a lower price point)

My airpods are a constant. I use them every single day. They are the best ear/headphones I've ever used for phone/conference calls. The music quality is OK, but good enough. So if I replace them, I need something as good or better, andjust as lightweight. Thanks!
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Cambridge Audio has a new product.
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I'm not sure if they're better than airpods, but I am extremely happy with my Jabra Elite 65t (recommended by The Wirecutter)
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I tried a couple different lower cost "true wireless" earbuds before splurging on the AirPods. Like you, I think the music quality is "OK," but all the other functionality is what set them apart from my previous purchases. To me, they are absolutely worth the price premium, in hassle-free connections alone. Also, I found that the lower cost options didn't take long before they didn't hold their charge as long.

So, I doubt you'll get something you like better for the cost of replacing your missing AirPod.
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Yeah, I'm with Deej on this. I'm a headphone snob, so when I *really* want to listen I use much nicer headphones, but it turns out headphones are like cameras: the best one is the one you have with you, and nothing matches the easy usability, portability, and integration of the AirPods with an iPhone.

I thought I lost mine on Wednesday. They turned up quickly, but I was already planning a trip to the Apple Store to replace them. Expensive? Sure. But there's something to be said for this utterly seamless integration.
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Assuming that you can't find them with find my iPhone, I would just buy a replacement for the reasons that everyone else has already stated.
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If you've already had and enjoyed Airpods (so ear-fit isn't an issue), the €69 (USD$75) is as cheap as you're going to get to return yourself to a fully-functioning pair of wireless buds of any kind; anything you switch to will put you over €100 for a new pair.

I was looking at the upcoming Echo Buds announced by Amazon, and there's a convenient comparison chart on its store page (scroll down or search in page for "Compare headphones"), which includes Galaxy Buds (Samsung), the Jabras mentioned above, AirPods, and the Echo Buds. There's no head-and-shoulders-ahead winner; each has shortcomings; AirPods' primarily being price, ear-fit, and lack of Bose-branded noise reduction. And since you're evidently in the iOS ecosystem and can take advantage of other AirPod features, besides straight battery life and charge time, buying one AirPod is a no-brainer.

If you'd had to buy a full set, you'd have some deciding to do.
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Can you buy a new pair and keep the lone single one you have as a replacement if you should lose one of the new ones?
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I had the Jabra Elites that branca referred to. I am not a small woman (I'm a large 5'9" woman), and I found them very uncomfortable and ended up giving them to my teenage son.

I now have a pair of AirPods and I like them a lot. Unlike the old white apple earbuds, they are very comfortable and I use them for calls/listening to music. They are spendy but they work well for me.
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Can you just use that one AirPod by itself? For me, karma dictates that once I spent money on a replacement, the missing one will magically reappear in a drawer.
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I looked through that list from the Guardian. I think I could definitely get something better, but I don't want to shell out that much. I'm deaf in one ear. So of course, I lost the one for my good ear, otherwise I wouldn't care as much. I think I'm going to just pay for the replacement airpod. Thanks, all!
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