Slide and Film Copying
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What is a good Nikon based system for copying slides and 36mm negatives? I have an F Micro Nikkor 55mm modified for the new Al mount, extension tubes, and bellows. I just need a good film/slide holder to mount on the Nikkor. OR, any other good ways of doing this?
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There is the ES-1 slide holder, but I have not used it personally so can't say how it fits into your set-up.
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Best is a Forox (or Marron or similar) holder. Slide is held on two sides by a v-grove, one side is fixed and other has a spring, making it quick to slide the slide in and out. Lead screws lets it be moved x-y.
With 3d printing and laser cutting, it should be easy to make.
Camera would be mounted on a copy stand.
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Here is a YouTube video explaining how one person uses a digital camera to scan film. Instead of using extension tube, bellows and slide holder, he combines a light box, tripod and a clever film holder available from Lomography.
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