Seeking photographer in the DC area
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A dear friend is about to undergo a double mastectomy. Before she does, she'd like to hire a photographer to take pictures of her boobs. Can you recommend a thoughtful, sensitive photographer in the DC area with experience shooting nudes or semi-nudes (preferably a woman)? Thank you.
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I'd suggest my friend Yillah. She's a photographer, artist, and graphic designer who's also worked as a professional belly dancer and taught the same, so she's very skilled in helping women appreciate the body they're in.
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And old friend of mine, Michael Woodward comes to mind.
posted by terrapin at 3:28 PM on September 26, 2019

My friend Devon Rowland ( is very competent and sensitive, and has extensive experience in boudoir photography.
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Rachel Word Photography took some family pictures for my daughter. You could ask.
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