Google Fi Motorola X4 Bluetooth Question
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I have bluetooth headphones that I run with. I just got a new Fitbit. I'm having big bluetooth connectivity issues with the Fitbit and am trying to figure out if the issue is my phone or the Fitbit. Like I am 5: Is it possible to have two different devices connected to my phone via Bluetooth and communicating with it at once? (I.e. music coming out of my headphones + Fitbit communicating with phone GPS to map my run, like it's supposed to.) Am I just asking too much of my phone?
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Moto X4 should support 2 Bluetooth devices just fine. Are you seeing issues right after a restart of the phone? I don't have that phone, but I have a Fitbit and headphones and use them together without much issue.

Things to check on: is the Fitbit asking for updates? Does the phone have any system updates pending? What problems are you seeing with the connectivity specifically?
posted by deezil at 12:52 PM on September 25, 2019

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