Should I be able to update libavcodec on a very old debian system?
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I'm not at all a linux power-user, but I use linux and am still using a debian wheezy-based crunchbang system because it does almost all that I need and the crunchbang replacement bunsenlabs didn't work for me the couple of times I tried. The one major annoyance I have with this old system is that a recently downloaded version of firefox won't stream most videos, complaining that libavcodec needs to be updated. Should I be able to do that on my old crunchbang system to firefox's satisfaction? Or might there be another fix?

The crunchbang system is from 2013 or so. The recent firefox install (version 69) was just a matter of downloading a folder of files, no repositories were involved.

Using the synaptic package manager to update libavcodec doesn't work. The repositories it's pointing to are wheezy non-free. Are there other repositories I might point to that would contain the recent libavcodec and be compatible with wheezy?

Are there other ways I might go about updating libavcodec for this system? Like, could it be a matter of just downloading some files? Or downloading and compiling? (I've never before compiled anything from source but would be willing to try if need be.)

Also: I have an old version of the chromium browser installed (37.0.2062.120) that plays videos fine from pages that it loads but is unable to load a significant number of pages. The new firefox loads all the pages but doesn't play most of the videos, though it does play some of them. I'm afraid that updating chromium itself will break it's ability to play videos: but might I be wrong and that would be a solution?

I'm not looking for you linux-savy mefites to hold my hand while attempting any of these actions, but just a knowledgeable suggestion that one or another course of action should be do-able and/or any other relevant advice you might have.

Many thanks!
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In about:config you can disable the check by setting media.libavcodec.allow-obsolete.
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That does the trick! I love that it's so simple. Thanks enormously!
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