Most exciting kink nonfiction of the 2010s
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What new kink nonfiction came out in last ten years or so that you were really excited about? Subject irrelevant. Have you found an amazing circle of trans clown fetish bloggers? Did you write a punk zine that will change my relationship with both capitalism and my urethra? Has a practical, down-to-earth instruction manual finally come out on a cool playstyle that people weren't writing about a decade ago? Whatever it is, I want to know.

I've been playing for almost twenty years now. But I haven't kept up with what's being written, published, or blogged about. Iin bricks-and-mortar stores I see a lot of the same authors and titles now that I was seeing ten or twenty years ago, and I don't even know where to find good kink nonfiction online.

I'm sure people haven't stopped having new and interesting ideas. What exciting posts, articles, or books have I missed or overlooked?

I love to read niche stuff, even if it's not my niche. I can enjoy a good article on a kink I don't share. How-to and philosophical content are both great. And I'll admit I don't need another So You Think You're Kinky 101 book, but if someone's written one of those that takes a new approach, I'll take it. So really, whatever's come out this decade that you were excited to read, however ordinary or weird, please recommend it here.

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Mostly from the philosophical side, and mostly queer or queer-adjacent people:

Enough To Make You Blush by Princess Kali (about erotic humiliation) is interesting (and may be the only book on that subject.)

Andrea Zanin's blog has been around for slightly more than a decade but her writing and her thinking are fantastic. (This piece is beautiful.)

Mollena writes some interesting stuff (although she's not very active on her blog anymore either, browse the archives.)

Midori is (obviously?) famous as a rope bondage expert but she also has writes/teaches about kink from an interesting psychological perspective. (The link to her essays on Medium is definitely not exhaustive, you'll kinda have to poke around the web to find writing/videos by her. The book of essays she published a few years ago was a collection of old writings and a bit underwhelming, IMO.)

Xan West writes erotica but also blogs about kink sometimes.
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Nonfiction writing? Because one answer is that people now put out a lot more visual 'nonfiction' that's as much or more art or erotica as just amateur porn, even if that's somewhat down from peak kinky tumblr.
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Yeah, no, straight-up fetish art or erotica is great but not what I'm looking for.

(Though personal essays in comics form like you see all over the place lately, or informational comics like the not-just-pure-smut episodes of Oh Joy Sex Toy, totally would be.)
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Raven Kaldera is the expert on the kind of Master/slave relationship I'm in and writes about it very well. Also some good books about dealing with mental illness and kink.

I like Sugarbutch for queer kink nonfiction (and fiction)
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