Getting from JFK to Penn Station
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I'm traveling to NYC. I need to get from JFK to Penn Station in less than two hours. My time window is between 1:45 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. Is that doable, and if yes, what's the best way to do it?
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Very doable. In that window, I probably would avoid a cab; instead, take the Airtrain to the E; the E will stop at 34th Street/Penn Station. And you’ll be doing a reverse commute, so it won’t even be especially crowded.
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You could also do AirTrain to Jamaica Station to LIRR. GMaps says that'll take 45min give or take.
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To be more specific: the Airtrain will let you off at JFK/Sutphin Boulevard; you just go down the escalator and get the E going toward Manhattan. The E runs express in Queens, so it’s quite quick. (This is assuming you’re not coming in on a weekend; right now it’s pretty common for the E to run local on a weekend.
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Download the Citymapper app. When you get to JFK you can set the destination and the app will evaluate journey times in real time so you can evaluate if there are any subway outages.

If for any reason the E train is not in service (unlikely at that time of day, but not impossible) you can select an alternate route.
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Airtrain to Jamaica station-> to Penn, via LIRR will be the fastest (~40-50min), Airtrain to the E or A will be at least 1hr to 1hr-20min, but slightly cheaper.

I'd personally go Airtrain->LIRR since that's the easiest option (you pass by the LIRR trains on your way to the subway at Jamaica station)
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Google Maps will outline and estimate times for your different options (Ride Share, Taxi, Train). Worth taking a quick look when your plane gets in to see what might work best for you. Timing isn’t that tight. It usually takes me about an hour to get into Manhattan at that time.
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Everyone here is right, it's absolutely reasonable, but word to the wise: at JFK, sometimes you wait on the tarmac awhile before the plane gets to the gate, and sometimes your gate is VERY far from the front of the terminal. The timing will still work, but just be aware that even if the actual transit time is 45 minutes to an hour once you get on transit, that actual getting off-the-plane-and-to-the-airtrain time can be nontrivial and might even mean that you are a bit rushed. Wear good shoes, bring bags you can carry easily.
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Check the Airporter (bus) schedule, too, though I guess if you're taking the roads you might as well get a cab.
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Airtrain->LIRR is the way to go.

Is your arrival time 145pm? The plane touching down does NOT mean "I am ready to leave"
Does your train leave at 345pm?

If you don't have bags: that means allow 20mins to the Airtrain station.
If you have bags + 20 mins more to deal with baggage
If you're coming from an international flight, +20mins-1hr (or more!) deal with immigration.

Good luck!
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Response by poster: Thank you all.
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A helicopter service is available from jfk to west 30th.
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