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Is there such a thing as a flat screen tv mount that will let me turn the tv all the way around, like an owl turns its head? I tried searching for "360 degree" mounts but that seems to refer to turning the tv from landscape to portrait.

The effect I'm going for is this: Imagine a room that's about the size & shape of a dollar bill that is divided in half by one of those cube-shelves. Inside the cube-shelves I have mounted a tv in such a way as it can face either side of the room by turning it completely around. Does such a thing exist?

I have never done anything with tv mounting brackets before, so I don't even know how this would work with all the different wires & cords sticking out of it, wouldn't they get all twisted up? That's what I would like to find out.
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Sounds like a normal TV standing on a lazy Susan. You'd have to provide some strain relief to prevent cables from being pulled loose.
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I could swear I've seen examples of TVs mounted in holes in walls so they can be flipped to face either room. However, in Googling that, the only thing I found is this.
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Incidentally, facing the opposite direction only requires 180 degrees of rotation.
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That is only 180 degrees - and I think you could achieve that effect by getting one that will rotate 90 degrees in two directions. In your example, you would mount the thing on the wall of one of the cubes so it is parallel to the long end of the room. When you need to watch the TV, rotate it towards the room you want and then rotate it back when done.
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However, in Googling that, the only thing I found is this.

Ack, that is exactly the effect that I'm looking for, and I can probably just give these instructions to a handyman and let him do it. This is great! More ideas welcome!
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I think that requires that specific shelf, not the cube thing.
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That's fine though, I haven't bought anything yet!
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Another thought.....some TV's can have their image flipped (90, 180, or 270 degrees), which changes the axis of rotation you may be able to work with (instead of rotating on a vertical axis you may be able rotate the TV on a horizontal axis (flip it over). One side of the room has the image upside down (which requires a quick settings change). Probably not the right answer but including for completeness.
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Something like this ceiling mount with 360 degree rotation? Or a pole monitor mount?
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I think that requires that specific shelf, not the cube thing.

Not at all. What you need are:
- a vertical pole sturdy enough to hold the telly.
- this pole to be fixed sturdily into the cube-shelf room separator
- which again has to be sturdily fixed to the ceiling and floor, on risk of toppling over the lot
- a VESA bracket to affix to the screen
- and a metal bit that clamps onto the pole and that (part of) the VESA bracket bolts on to, similar to the way shown in the Instructable as that is what allows the screen to rotate over 180 degrees.

The crudest (and probably cheapest) way to build this, not counting the cubes making up the separator, would be something like a 2" metal pipe for the pole, a beefy hinge welded on (with the hinge axis in line with the pole) and some angle brackets screwed to the other side of the hinge to affix the VESA bracket to. Starting from that the average handyman can probably think of a more elegant way to build it.
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I think I'm going to start with the ceiling mount linked by mskyle and if that doesn't do it then I will move on to the custom option. Thanks all!
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