Looking for References in Films of Social Media Animation
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I'm looking for films, especially documentaries, that have used elements of direct messaging/fb/instagram comments in some animated way.

I really want to find examples of how to animate instagram comments/messaging in a film. Ideally in a documentary. Please send any examples and references you can think of!
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Not a documentary, but this happens all throughout the Netflix version of House of Cards. I can't remember all the exact episodes, but I recall one notable instance was S2, E1. Frank meets Zoe at the metro station, and asks her to pull up all of his text messages to her, and delete them.
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Believe there are some in Crazy Rich Asians (when everyone first finds out about the protagonist).
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I'm not sure if this meets your criteria, but this HBO Doc works with text message as subtext: cw: suicide/ court case: x
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Searching (John Cho) and Cyberbully (Maisie Williams) are very much illustrative of this.
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Crazy Rich Asians scene-- I queued up the scene to the selfie that flies across the globe, but you can back up for some more context. The girlfriend, Rachel, does not know that her boyfriend, Nick, is the scion of a stratospherically wealthy Singapore dynasty. The initial sender, identified as "Radio1Asia" is a recurring character in the trilogy as a gossip who is variously loved and hated by the characters, depending on whether they like the news being spread.
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Black Mirror also frequently features social media, Nosedive in particular. x

The pilot episode is especially centered on politics and social media as well. All of the episodes have some iteration of its impact.
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Recent Australian drama The Hunting is about a sexting scandal at a high school and shows messaging/comments amongst the students a lot.
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Sherlock (not-a-doc) does a terrific job with text messages.
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The Great Hack (Netflix) does this with Twitter/FB/Instagram throughout and does it very well.

People’s Republic of Desire (PBS), which is about live streamers in China, has some interesting animations and features this type of messaging (though different platforms) extensively.

I feel like this also comes up on Frontline episodes occasionally, but can’t think of specific ones off the top of my head.
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