How can I play goose game on a Chromebook?
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I have a Chromebook and really want to be able to play the Goose Game being discussed on the blue. Seems it is only made for Windows, Mac, or Nintendo Switch. I know I can modify the Chromebook somehow to run Windows games but my brain is tired and I haven't actually set that up before. Can someone explain like I'm 8 years old whether this is doable and the specific steps to do it? I have a Lenovo C330.
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As far as I can tell, this isn't doable. The whole thing with playing Windows games requires a Chromebook with an Intel processor; it looks like yours doesn't have that.
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There is apparently a way to run Linux based apps on the c330 which is the route I expected to take but I can't tell if this game has Linux compatibility.
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Your Chromebook has a Mediatek ARM processor. The Linux hacks - which appear to require installing it in Windows, then somehow handwavily doing something with the files in Steam for Linux or WINE - need x86. Since neither Steam nor Wine run on a Linux ARM machine in any convenient way (there are emulation routes through qemu, but they are impossibly slow), it's still a beautiful day in the village, but you can't be a horrible goose on that hardware.
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The reason your Chromebook does Linux is that Linux will run on anything pretty much. The hack to get Windows things running on Linux depends on having the same sort of common x86 processor and a whole lot of trying to mimic and fooling the program that you are a Windows machine. This is terribly hard, slow, or impossible unless your CPU is an x86.

Sure, your Chromebook can run Linux applications... It's running Linux built for your CPU. You may be able to run some Windows things, but they'd be slow and clunky and your Chromebook probably is just barely fast enough to make it not horrible. You go into games and graphics and hard stuff.... it's going to be terribly, terribly hard if not impossible.

Don't give up hope though. Maybe it will be good enough for them to make it mobile and iPhone and Android or (heaven forbid) browser compatible. There's not much I've seen so far that it couldn't be very cross-platform if they wanted to do it.
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The system requirements for this game are very generous, so if you must get your goose on sooner than later, you might pick up a cheap used Windows machine to run it. Anything built within the last 5ish years should be plenty adequate, and you could probably even go older than that.
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