Help finding a particular kind of meal planner
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I'm trying to help a family member find some free versions of meal planners similar to this one. It is for two adults who want to take the decision making out of meal planning. So just a few choices from each food group for three meals a day. They are omnivores who generally eat healthy foods and cook simply. Clean, whole foods, you might say. I want to give them a few pre-planned menus like this to choose from.

The items can contain whole foods like fruit as well as basic finished dishes such as chicken salad. So one meal might be chicken salad sandwich with an apple, where chicken salad was pulled from a list of three options and apple from another list of three. I've seen these lists many times before but now that I need a few, I can't find them. Thanks so much!
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I meant to add that free ones are better.
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I googled "Cheap College Meal Creator" and followed the search results over to Pinterest, where I looked at where someone had pinned that particular item. Below it is the 'More Like This' section that links to some other similar things. It's more full week meal plans than this kind of choose your own adventure creator, but there are a few of this type of thing in the mix.

Here's a Clean Eating Example and there are other similar ones in the More Like This -- though again, the results trend more toward 'Here's a list of 21 distinct meals for the week' than the choose your own adventure format you've used.

It's mixed with other stuff that isn't quite what you want, but there is still a fair bit of this sort of thing on Pinterest. I suspect if you created a Pinterest board and pinned a few of these things, Pinterest would dredge up even more of them in the 'Find More Like This' feature for that board.
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Budget Bytes just published a Mix and Match Meal Prep that might fit what you're looking for.
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