Singers with minimalist guitar accompaniment
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I'm looking for singers who play some sort of very minimalist guitar accompaniment, perhaps a melodic or bass line rather than full chords or strong rhythm. I'd prefer music that would broadly fall into the genres of folk or world music, but open to others too.
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The first that came to my mind was Owen (Mike Kinsella):

Playing Possum for a Peek

Poor Souls

Never Meant

Good Deeds
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Eva Cassidy fits the bill for minimal guitar and beautiful singing.
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How about Iron & Wine's Trapeze Swinger? Background voices, bass, piano, and other instruments come in as the song goes on, but that walking guitar rhythm continues.
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Perotá chingó

Susana Baca isn't her own guitarist, but this arrangement uses the guitar in pretty restrained, tasteful ways.
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Oh boy. Dan Reeder is exactly what you're looking for. E.g., Havana Burning. Often NSFW, but I think that one's clean enough.
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Not sure if this fits your bill, but "Fever", by Peggy Lee, has a minimalist bass line, along with finger snaps.
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Alexi Murdoch came to mind immediately. I think he fits the bill quite nicely.
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Your ask makes me think of Erica Luckett, since she used strong simple baselines, and frequently played solo. But all the recordings I can find may have more ornamentation than you want.
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Norah Jones - The Long Day Is Over
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Omg please listen to Culpables by Manuel Turizo - so good!
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Tiny Vipers album "Life on Earth."
Life on Earth
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Eyes Closed cover by Rosé
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Nobody has mentioned Joao Gilberto? Is that too obvious?
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Jessica Pratt, especially her most recent album.

This Time Around as a good example.
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Simple Twist of Fate -- Sarah Jarosz
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Richard Buckner usually plays guitar as he sings, but not always.
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Some of the Tiny Desk concerts feature minimal accompaniment. I'd strongly reccomend the set by Lebanon's Yasmine Hamden.

Also, My Bubba - Poem Found in the Pocket of an Amazon.

From Argentina: Jose Larralde
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