ISO higher quality Madewell earrings
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I have a pair of earrings I love, but they're low quality and hurt my ears. Looking for a nicer alternative!

These earrings from Madewell are my favorites. But the posts sometimes hurt my ears, and they've started to turn the skin around my piercings green. I'm guessing what thin layer of gold plating was on them has rubbed off, hence the irritation.

Rather than buy a second pair only to have the same issue down the line, I'd love to invest in a similar style earring made of higher quality materials.

Any suggestions for search-terms that would describe this style? Online jewelry retailers that sell similarly styled earrings? I thought Catbird might be a good option, but nothing they have quite fits the bill. Thanks!
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No exact matches but Sasha Bell makes some interesting hook earrings and hoops that have a few design elements in common.
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Have you tried painting the ear-wires with clear nail polish? That tends to work for me, though I agree that nicer materials are preferable!
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I loooove Alchemilla's jewelry and her values, and her work includes a lot of brass elements that are similar to the Madewell aesthetic. Maybe these are close?
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Try searching for "crescent hoops".
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Tiro Tiro has some earrings with a similar vibe, though they're probably larger. I have a couple of pieces from her and they're really well made with nice materials.

You might also like L. Greenwalt Jewelry.

Here are some other options I found. Some lean more hippie, others more minimalist:
crescent beaded threaders
crescent moon earrings
Gold arc hoops
Pyrite hoops
Dotted hoops
Elena earrings
D hoops
Demimonde discs
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You might approach a jewelry maker on Etsy to customize earrings for you - they may be a bit pricy, but you do love those earrings!
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They remind me of the some of the work of Cire' Alexandria. Perhaps you could commission something?
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I think you might really like local-to-me artist Tiny Anvil!
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