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I'm looking for ideas to support a dear friend who's entered the "caretaking for aging parent" stage of her life. Additional challenge: she lives in a different country.

I'm in the US, she is in Ireland. She and her sisters are getting the bulk of the responsibility (her two brothers live elsewhere in Europe) and this has been going on a year, and I want to support her a little. However, thus far I've been limited to mealy-mouthed "Hang in there, buddy" messages and want to do a little more. If she were in the same town I'd be dropping by with a couple of surprise casseroles or something, but the distance makes that difficult.

So any ideas for what I can do? (Actually, that may be a place to start - any good ideas for ready-meal delivery service kind of things in Ireland that I can get a gift card for her for, or something - something that would let me say "lemme take meal planning for yourself off your plate for a couple weeks"?)
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Mindful Chef do a frozen meal package - £60 for 10 frozen meals (non-veg) and £39 for 6 plant-based meals. They're really easy to prepare as you can microwave them straight from frozen. (not shilling for them, promise, just found them very easy to use). You'd want to check how much freezer space she has, though.
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Response by poster: Mindful Chef is a great idea, but it looks like they only are in the UK. She's in the Republic of Ireland. :-(
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Best answer: Ireland being the the techno sophisticated country that is, there will be services like taskrabbit you can can browse for services that you would like to provide for this friend or even her parent. Beyond that you can certainly find local service providers directly by browsing the web. There will also be some sense in looking for carer support networks, which are are charitable/voluntary organisations that support people who are doing what your friend is doing. Get in touch with a couple of them and see what kind of suggestions they offer.
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Response by poster: I went right to the source and found a couple of "support for caregivers" organizations that I've reached out to directly. Marking this resolved, but if anyone has a genius idea I'll take it. Thanks.
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