My kid, the rock hound.
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My 5.5yo child has recently started collecting rocks/pebbles when he's out and about. Can you recommend a good, child-friendly book I can give him that he can flick through and read about different rocks? Like, what's _____ book : rocks as this book : Pokemon? Doesn't need to be super simple in its contents, he's a strong reader and I'll also enjoy looking through it with him. Thanks!
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This is the book I got my daughter and she loves it.

I also have "A Rock is Lively" which is more of a story book style but is part of a wonderful series of books and I recommend them all.
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Our kids loved basically all DK Books for science and history subjects when they were that age and up. Lots of pictures, you can read as much or as little as you like on a subject. It looks like there are several on rocks/minerals. Libraries often have a big shelf of DKs.
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This is a job for the library.

When I was a bookseller, we had Golden Guides for lots of things, and they were really useful. Rocks and Minerals.
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Sylvester and the Magic Pebble was always one of my favorites ... not totally responsive but great for a pebble-lover
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The Magic School Bus ... goes to the Earth’s core, or something like that, talks about different kinds of rocks along the way.
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Books about rocks thus far have not been too successful with my kid (even though he devours books he loves). Pieces of quartz, cave tours, YouTube videos about lava? Magnifying glasses? Appreciated.

So don't despair if a book doesn't click.
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Rock and minerals sticker book! They are everywhere online.
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Not just about rocks, but Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe by Theodore Gray is a beautiful, fascinating book. It would be a fun addition to other books about rocks, has great pictures, and could sustain and spark further interest in rocks and science. Kind of a grow into it book that a rock enthusiastic might still get a lot out of as a kid. (the author has similar books on molecules and reactions.)

Seconding A Rock is Lively -- age-appropriate picture book with great information and illustrations.

The DK Eyewitness books are pretty much the library gold standard (or were as of ~3 years ago) for children's nonfiction, so check out their Rocks & Minerals book.
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Not a book either, but the Rockd smartphone app is a hoot for knowing what's beneath your very feet.
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