¿Haya una autora como Tana French en español?
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Please recommend me great crime novels by women or nonbinary people ... in Spanish!

Hi all,

My Scribd collection is replete with fantastic works of fiction in Spanish from all over the world.

The works tend toward the modern and postmodern, though, and for this re-entrant into the world of Spanish, they can get complicated. Also, to be honest, I'm just kind of running for home emotionally, as a new expat. So I'm looking for crime novels by women or nonbinary folk ... in Spanish.

I loovvveee Tana French and if there's someone like her writing in Spanish, I really would like to know that. But police procedurals are OK too. Some other writers I like: Tempe Brennan, Tony Hillerman.

Not quite crime fiction: I also adore Rebecca Roanhorse: the hardboiled style + postapocalyptic setting + indigenous themes combination is right on the money for me.

If all else fails I can look for these writers in translation, but I'd rather start with works first written in Spanish.

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I'm not very familiar with this genre, but these might fit:

vacapinta, in his profile blurb, recommends "Alicia Gimenez-Bartlett and her Petra Delicado series set in Barcelona". I haven't tried it yet.

I recently enjoyed Casa de la Belleza by Melba Escobar. Not exactly a detective novel, it's got mystery elements and political thriller elements. I found it to be a real page-turner, which I needed as I hadn't read a novel in Spanish for a while. (Content warning: rape.)
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I'm not into the genre, but they made a Petra Delicado TV miniseries so I assume it's a popular series.

There's an annual Noir Week in Gijón and you might take their latest roster of guests as an starting point for your search, too.
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I recently finished reading A Lupita Le Gustaba Planchar, by Laura Esquivel. While it's probably not Tana French-like, it is a detective novel. Though it's a subversion of the genre, so maybe it counts as an anti-detective novel. Anyway, I enjoyed it!
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