How Do I Get A Sword On An Airplane?
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Not carryon -- I'm glad to check it. But the stupid thing (present from an ex, too expensive to throw away, I've found a home for it) doesn't fit in my luggage (it's about a yard long and 8" across the hilt) and I don't want to buy a giant new bag for it. I was thinking I could find a giant poster tube, but searching isn't giving me anything in the right dimensions. Anyone have either a source for a 9"x38 poster tube, or a better idea?
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FedEx used to have these things that were like poster tubes but they are triangular ... we would get 2 and tape them together to ship large pieces of booth decor for conventions. Not sure about the dimensions but maybe call and ask?
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Could you wrap it in a large amount of bubblewrap, tape, and maybe an outside layer of paper? I once ended up having to check a long-handled umbrella on an international flight. It went onto the conveyor belt with just the baggage check tag around the middle, and amazingly, it came out the other side unscathed. So, I think it'd be mostly about protecting protruding parts from bumps and having the package be substantial enough to not fall off a conveyor belt and be lost.
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Historically, most airlines will let you check a cardboard box - I'd take it to a mailing / packing place and have if packed up in sturdy cardboard / bubble wrap. Check with your individual airline about size limits - some have overall linear size limits (American is 100 inches which would work fine for your purposes). Another option is to ship it - since it's oversize, there will probably be an extra bag fee for it from the airline - double check to make sure it's not cheaper to ship it (if that works for your schedule / situation).
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Cut down tv moving box from home Depot/etc? Or similar. Link
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If it is relatively narrow across one dimension (like, not a basket hilt or something), get a hard-sided rifle case. They're relatively inexpensive, airline-baggage-handler-resistant, and lockable. They typically have foam on the inside that'll keep your blade from bouncing around.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about (US$25).

If you have a scabbard or sheath, you obviously don't store the blade in it long-term, but depending on design you may want to transport the blade in it (with the whole affair inside said hard case).
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Some sports equipment seems of comparable size (lacrosse and field hockey sticks, regular hockey sticks) and they make bags to fit gear like that. Maybe a sporting goods store would have something that would work?
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A surfboard bag would fit it. Or, just wrap in bubble wrap and paper with a cut down soda bottle protecting the pointy end,
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Bubble wrap and a soft guitar bag? I have at one point flown with a fencing gear bag full of not-really-pointy swords a couple of times.
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Sonotube - cardboard form for casting concrete forms - readily available at places like Home Depot -they come in a variety of sizes....
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A friend who travels with swords from time to time says they often use Golf Bags for swords. Its about the right size and airlines are used to seeing them, so its less of a hassle then checking odd sized bags or packages.
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How about using a length of PVC pipe with pipe caps on both ends?
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How about shipping it to an address where you'll be staying or to the recipient?
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Bag it in a garbage bag or similar, then take a flattened cardboard box that's long enough and wrap it in that, like you're rolling up a crepe. When you're done there will be extra cardboard on each end and it'll be thickly swaddled so it can't be damaged. Tape it up strongly. I sell on eBay and that's how I ship long thin items like that.
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Don't overthink. Bubble wrap. Sorted.
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If you're using a cardboard tube (or the FedEx triangles), it really only needs to fit the blade. You could notch in the hilt (that is, take pieces out on opposite edges of the end of the tube, so the hilt rests in them and the sword can't spin) and have the blunt parts just stick out of the sides/end like that. Tape and bubble wrap that whole end, stuff some crumpled paper in the side with the pointy bit and tape it in place, and you're done.
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It sounds like you have it sorted, but just a note: many airlines have exemptions from their oversized baggage charges for golf bags. I have checked a whole rolling golf bag of swords with minimal baggage charges, and nobody looked at me funny. If you can borrow one from a friend, I would recommend it.
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