If you had to wear one sock (okay two socks) for the rest of your life
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I am sick of losing half of a pair of cute socks. I'd like to replace all my extant socks with identical socks so that any two will be a pair. However, if I'm going to make a significant sock outlay all at once, I want them to be THE BEST SOCKS KNOWN TO MAN. The Ubersock. Details on what that means for me indoors. (Difficulty level: fat legs.)

For the last decade or so I've been buying cute novelty socks and then losing one in the washer (or, in the rare instance where a pair survives, putting holes in one). Why am I doing this to myself? I'm always wearing boots, you can't even see my socks! However, buying ten or so pairs of black socks is gonna run me at least $70 and probably much more, so I want to do it right. Here are the components of my Holy Sock Grail:

- Comes in black, preferably solid black but in any event not something I'm gonna feel weird about in the TSA line. I'd rather no big logos, for instance.
- The length I associate with "ladies" crew socks, i.e. about four inches from the ankle. Men's socks go too high up the calf. I wear a women's 9.5-10.
- Stay up BUT are non-binding/not too tight. I have fat legs so this is a tough one. Not sure of my exact leg circumference at sock height, but Sock Dreams requires a 16-inch stretch to qualify as "plus size" crew socks; I'd add a 16-inch stretch COMFORTABLY, i.e. not going to dig into my leg.
- Maybe slightly padded?? I walk at least three miles most days so it might be nice to have socks that are built for that.
- Probably not too synthetic? I've found that synthetic socks sometimes chafe or burn if I'm walking fast in imperfect shoes.
- Not sweaty-making! I put on boots the second the weather breaks in the fall and keep them on until I'm dying of heat so these have to be true three-season socks. If it's a choice between "too warm" and "too light" I'd rather have light ones because I can always double up.
- Do not leave fluff on my feet
- Also, I have wide feet and a tendency towards ingrown toenails. (I have seen this previous question but I don't want ankle socks!)

I am disinclined to spend more than $15 or so on a pair of socks but I will consider it if they're truly life-changing.

Please tell me about the socks you'd kill or die for!
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Yeah, you want bombas. They really are more comfortable, and they come in sizes. Search around for a coupon code before you buy.
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On the off chance that Bombas don't do it for you, Darn Tough Vermont socks are also natural merino wool, and also have a lifetime free replacement policy in the U.S.
Darn Toughs generally have more of a “hiker” look, but they do have basic sold colors.
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I wear these Hue socks a lot because they are non-binding but stay up, black, and comfy even for my super wide feet. I got a three pack four years ago and they’re still holding up. I also love darn tough socks, but if you want something lighter, I’d highly recommend the Hue ones.
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Darn Tough. And if you are near VT their annual sock sale is in November for huge savings.
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Darn Tough's awesome, but will probably dig into your legs. I've had luck with bamboo Bridgedales.
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I can say that the darn tough's I bought are too tight on my legs and ankles. I wouldn't recommend them for that reason.
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FYI, Bombas are now sold at Dick's Sporting Goods. If you hunt, you can usually find coupon codes.
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Fox River Socks WILL change your life. I am a huge cheapskate, but Fox socks made me realize life is too short for crappy socks. Probably if you're not a huge cheapskate you won't think they're prohibitively expensive, and durable?! Well, I have some that have lasted for at least five years without holes or even getting too threadbare.
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Sorry Internet, I don’t get the Bombas love. I have a pair that was gifted and they are awkwardly tight in all the wrong places.

I came to say lightweight hiking socks. Go to your local sporting goods store and see if they’ll let you try on a pair. Darn Tough is popular, I personally like the fit of Thorlos. These are a little pricey, but black/gray: link
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I have multiple pairs of these Icebreaker socks that I wear for my office job and they are one of the top 'small joys' in my world. (In searching for them to link in this post, I discovered they have an ever lighter weight pair! Yay!)
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Adding: They are expensive but last FOREVER
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Gold Toe Power Sox with Cool Max is my baseline non-dress sock brand. Comfy, wicking, supportive but not constricting. And not too expensive to buy many identical pairs.
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FITS socks (soft soft wool, made in the USA) are the most comfortable sock on planet Earth. "Medium hiker, crew". They run slightly large. I routinely wear them a few days in a row before they start to smell.
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Darn Tough socks, Micro Crew style. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1354/8177/t/50/assets/DT_SockHeightChart_2017.svg?129932

Micro crew is just barely shorter than a women's crew, about the same height as a hiking boot, and available in both men's and women's patterns. I have found both men's and women's patterns to be the same while I'm wearing them, the only difference is the colors.

DT socks are about $20 a pair, but they do have sales. I would also call them life-changing. The only caveat to this rec is that they really don't kid around about cushioning. If the weather is warmish, a full cushion sock is going to be too hot. Light cushion is a good compromise. I haven't found them to dig into my legs. I'm about 10 inches around at the ankle, for comparison's sake.

For your basic neutrals check out the Tactical line, in the Micro Crew or 1/4 styles. https://darntough.com/collections/tactical

These might also work:


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