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Is there a website that will notify me of nearby concerts from a list of performers I provide?

I want to sign up, give them a list of artists, and receive an email when a concert is announced within so many miles. I'd rather not visit each artist's website and sign up over and over to be notified, because (1) I'm lazy and (2) I don't want to give out my email that many times to get notified about every tv appearance, festival and all the other irrelevant "news". I feel like it might have been asked here before, but I couldn't find it in a search, or anything like it on google.
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Pollstar's premium service will do just that. It costs, but not much; you can use their auto notify service for free, but only for up to 5 bands. Paying $10 lets you have up to 99 auto-notifies, of bands as well as venues.
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Ticketmaster has alerts that you can set up for performer or venue. Only artists popular enough to have Ticketmaster-sold tickets, of course.
posted by xo at 3:24 PM on March 5, 2006 has RSS feeds for your local area which you could filter with a list of search terms via Feedbeep and it'll txt your cellphone.

(it's likely that you'll be stuck with a great database sitting behind a shitty interface without features though... upcoming and the ilk probably don't list as many events as I'd like)
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What's that site that podcasts bands coming to town? Maybe they have what you want.
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What's that site that podcasts bands coming to town? Maybe they have what you want.

posted by bwilms at 3:39 PM on March 5, 2006 does exactly that but it's currently invite-only. Send me your email at my username at gmail dot com and I'll give you one!

The site is good and getting better all the time. Give it a shot.
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I second drewbeck's Sonicliving endorsement! It's an evolving site, it just keeps getting better. I see big things in its future. If anyone wants an invite (and hasn't already pinged drewbeck), email me at dust at my username dot net.
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