What are kids and young adults collecting these days?
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Kids and young adults used to collect baseball cards, stamps, and coins, but have times changed? What are the "hot" things that they collect these days?
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My neighbor's oldest boy collects rocks and minerals but he may not be typical. So did my daughter and so did I.
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pokemon cards, still. the number of arguments I witnessed over pokemon cards at my last elementary school was WILD.

other things I've known (multiple) kiddos to collect:
- stickers
- rocks and other ground miscellanea (leaves, flower petals)
- a specific toy (my little pony, LOL dolls, pokemon toys)
- soccer cards
- toy horses or dogs (like fancy ones)
- american girl doll stuff
- legos
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Stuffies (small stuffed animals), Pokemon cards, Magic the Gathering cards, as well as the standbys of large tree branches, cool rocks, shells, insect exoskeletons, and foreign coins & bills. One of my kiddos collects "gems" (quartzes and other polished stones). They don't get my stamp collection until they're older.
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Lots of people collect those Funko Pop figures.
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Here’s what we’ve progressed through in my house in recent years:

- Beanie Boos
- Littlest Pet Shop
- LOLs
- Num Noms
- Shopkins
- Pikmi Pops
- Hatchimal Colleggtibles
- Party Pop Teenies

Colleggtibles have been the most enduring and seem to be the most widespread among other classmates.
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My 16yo is sort of circling back around to the things he liked when he was little, so Pokemon cards, Pokemon via Pokemon Go (which he and his friends play semi-ironically yet play they do) and Magic cards.
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Instagram followers.
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Erasers, as of last year, but they might not be cool any more.
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My 9 and 6 year old boys are into Pokemon cards. When they were both younger they liked to collect rocks. The girls I know all collect different things. Keychains, erasers, these little stuffies with big eyes (sorry don’t know the brand).
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During world cup seasons, young soccer fans collect and trade Panini player stickers
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My 11 yo daughter has collected baseball cards for years.
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Kids in music scenes collect limited run concert posters. They have special tubes they take to shows.
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High school and college age - stickers. They cover their laptops, water bottles, mini-fridges, etc. My daughter is collecting to cover her luggage. Tons of business will send you free stickers and lots of places sell them for a few dollars. Many have cool artwork and logos. Think coffee shops, clothing lines, dispensaries, outdoor stores, restaurants, donut shops, sports lines (lacrosse, ski, skate boarding).
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I think collecting pins is pretty big these days. For example.

Often displayed on lanyards, wall banners/boards, jackets, purse straps, backpacks, etc.
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