What is this camel statuette?
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My wife got this bronze/brass camel statuette at a thift store today. Can you help me learn more about it? (more inside)

Details: it's about 5 inches long, about the same height. It's heavy when you hold it. There is a hatch that opens to a hole - not sure what it's for. "Syria" is etched into the bottom as shown in the photos above.

1. What was this used for? Could it be an inkwell? Candle holder?
2. How can I tell if it's brass or bronze?
3. Any way to date it?

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I think it’s an inkwell. Google camel inkwell and you’ll see similar (but fancier) versions.
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It looks like an incense burner to me. Used with chunk or cone incense not sticks. Here is one on eBay that looks pretty close.
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My immediate thought is that it looks like an ashtray, similar to the brass crab ashtrays that were popular mid–last century. But I'm finding no Google results for anything similar.
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Brass vs Bronze -- probably brass.

And I think frumiousb has it: camel inkwell via Duck Duck Go seems like there are many similar flip-back camels listed as inkwells, though also some listed as incense burners. Seems too small to be suitable as an ashtray, and doesn't seem to have the cigarette indentations as seen in the rabs and most ashtrays.
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I say not an inkwell. The other examples are laying down but this standing one would be likely to tip over while dipping your pen. I say incense burner - I think it has an 80s head shop vibe.
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My vote is purely object d'art -- it is designed to look functional, but it was cheaply made and the functional look is just to add to the decorative purpose.
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