Help me match some burlged curtains and rods!
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We just bought a house that included some beautiful curtains and rods! Yay! Then someone broke in before we bought it and stole some of the art, and *one* of the curtains! Boo! Can you help me find this fabric and hardware?

We bought a house that was a former builder model, so it included lots of art and window coverings. The entire downstairs had matching curtains, including some fancy ones over the 2-story windows.

A few days before we closed, someone (we think a contractor that had been working on the house a few weeks ago) snuck in and stole about half of the art. They also took *one* curtain and rod, which of course ruined the whole set.

The builder was great about compensating us for the whole thing, but they weren't able to get in touch with the original designer to get a matching curtain or rod. If anyone happens to know where I might be able to find something close or identical to these pictures, I'd really appreciate it!

Imgur album
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Forgive the dumb question if it seems obvious, but are there any tags on any of the curtains that could point you to the right brand, and/or give you information on the fabric (so as to find a better-matching replacement)?
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This looks like the same fabric. You might need to buy it & have someone make a curtain for you.
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Those kinds of trellis-y patterns are pretty popular right now so there should be quite a lot that’s similar out there, but it may be hard to get that precise final look if you don’t have the exact same fabric (fabric type, weight, etc. will affect how light filters through). And if I’m reading right, the windows are two stories high (!) so you might need a custom length ... is it possible that the developer has a stager they normally work with, who could tell you the name of the fabric/brand they typically use?

... or on preview, you could just ask belladonna. Impressive!
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This etsy seller has a valance in the same fabric. They also make custom curtain panels, though you might have trouble matching your existing ones exactly, depending on how they are lined, etc.
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@belladonna, great work! 1000 points for you. Thank you so much! I love AskMe. One of my favorite corners of the internet. :) If anyone recognizes the curtain rod, let me know!
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And it looks like the curtain rods might be easier to get something close. If anyone's curious, I learned some new words today. The style of the rod is called "reeded", and I'll be looking for ball-shaped "finials", which are the fancy ends. :)
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Here is the website for the fabric vendor and you can contact them to see see if they have any of the Lyon print in ecru.
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You might go here and scroll down around 15 pictures for something similar. I don't know if they even sell curtain rods on that site, though.

I would have said to try Country Curtains based on what I remember from visiting one of their stores, but they are now part of Vermont Country Store and I think their product line has been trimmed a lot.
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