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I have a foldout sofa bed that I need to sleep in every other night. This is too much usage for a sofa bed. It's getting beat up and very very uncomfortable. I need short term solutions to make it comfortable or to find an alternative that's not very expensive.

So this is because we live on a boat and the child bedroom is separate from our bedroom. It's a case of going outside and inside again.

It used to be relatively comfy but it's just getting worse. We even pad it with cushions note and it's still pretty bad.

We have a mid term plan to build a wheelhouse which will link the two and since the problem, but that's 6 months or more away.
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People have had good luck with blow up air mattresses if you look through previous Asks about that.
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Do you know whether the problem is sag, or that the mattress is getting compressed, or what? I've slept on pull-outs where you can feel the bars; for those, you might bet a big board or slab of wood to put between the mattress and the frame and that might help.

If it's compression, my roommate bought a featherbed bed topper that is a poofy cloud that goes between the sheet and the mattress; don't know if it would solve the problem, but it's a thought.

I had a friend who had a used futon mattress (no frame) and rolled it out on the floor for guests (we were in college). You could get something like that and put it on top of the folded out frame; that would provide firmness and might be a lot better, though you'd have to store it during the day.
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Seconding air mattress. You can get little 6v lantern battery powered blowers to do most of the blowing up work.
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What about a hammock? There are people who sleep in them full-time, and they certainly pack away small (e.g., in a storage tub along with the underquilt).
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I usually pull the mattress off and put it on the floor. Much more comfy that way!
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My vote is also for air mattress. Even the nice ones with integrated pumps aren't terribly expensive, and the thinner ones without are so surprisingly cheap I spent a couple minutes searching for the "real" price tag.
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I purchased a Milliard tri-fold memory foam mattress (6" depth) for a (very hard, uncomfortable) futon in my guest room, and it is ridiculously comfortable. I prefer it to my own bed! It comes in a variety of sizes.

Possible downside: The full and queen sizes are pretty bulky -- I have a full size and when folded, it takes up the entire floor of my closet.

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I tried the floor option last night. It did not go well.

So I'm going with tealcoffeecup and a milliard tri-fold mattress will arrive tomorrow.
I look forward to being ridiculously comfortable.
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Can confirm.
Comfort achieved! Thanks tealcoffeecup!

Storage not achieved yet, but that's a problem for future me.
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