Can I eat it ? Sausage Skin edition
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I have some sausage skins that I soaked, didn't use then instead of draining and salting them, I put them back in the soaking water and left them in the fridge. Are they safe to use?

They're natural hog casings. They say they can be kept for months at room temperature in the salted sealed bags.
I soaked some skins a week or so ago but didn't use all that I soaked but I didn't drain them, I left them soaked and in the fridge (in a sealed tupperware) for some reason best known to past me. Can I use them or should I toss them?
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I used to make sausages professionally. If I had done this at the shop, I would have thrown them away in an abundance of caution. If I had done this at home, I would have given them a sniff, and if they smelled not-spoiled, a good rinse in fresh water and carried on.
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Wait, soaking in highly salted water or fresh water? If highly salted, you're good. If fresh water to rinse and prep for use, I'd also throw them out.
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Yeah, I’d throw them out. I do that from time to time, but only if I’m using them the next day. Otherwise, I’ll drain them well and put them in a ziplock filled with salt. A week is a pretty long time, and there will probably be a significant odor.
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