In anticipation of Octoberfest, what is the best way to clean lederhosen
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What is the best way to clean a pair of leather lederhosen shorts?

Asking on behalf of Herr Jupiter-what is the best way to clean a pair of lederhosen. There is a chance that these shorts have come in contact with poison ivy/ oak at some point during the summer, and he would like avoid a new reaction to the oil.

This particular pair of lederhosen are made of goat skin and are about one year old. They have never been cleaned or laundered in any way.
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Armor all?

-Seriously, a leather cleaning company should have no problem whatsoever. The kind of place to take your leather jacket.
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If you can find a really good dry cleaner, I'd try that. A place that handles wedding dresses and the like -- meaning, they're used to dealing with delicate fabrics. If not, maybe a shoe repair guy can do it, because they're usually good with cleaning leather, including purses and such.
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Just get some leather cleaner or saddle soap. It's pretty simple to do this yourself. Wipe them off with alcohol to remove the poison ivy and then give them a good scrub with the leather soap.
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We wiped down the inside of the lederhosen with rubbing alcohol. They were worn successfully with no subsequent rashes. Our long term plan is to take the lederhosen to a reputable dry cleaner before next season.
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