Why would an X-ray be done "in a glass cabinet"?
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A family friend is being investigated for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and has given a confusing account of having to have an x-ray done while he was in a special glass cabinet. I can't think of any reason why a glass cabinet would be relevant, and can't see anything online about x-rays done in this way. Can any radiologists tell me what actually happened?
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is it lead glass?
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Absolutely no idea.

But that would, potentially, mean it was a normal x-ray, just done in an environment where the technician doesn't have to run away behind a big scary screen?
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Was it something to do with their back being pressed against the glass for a standard x-ray machine? I could see the regular assembly being seen as a sort of cabinet if one were ill and confused the mobile ones are kind of weird. Or perhaps if their doctor’s office has an x-ray set up in a small windowed room, which would allow the tech to watch the patient without being exposed to radiation. (Not a radiologist, but I do a lot of non-clinical x-raying, so I’ve seen a bunch of different setups.)
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Sometimes pulmonary function testing is done in what appears to be a glass chamber. Could it be possible that he's getting mixed up about what testing he had?
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Ok - apparently, he was under the impression it was a special kind of x-ray that involved a glass cabinet, rather than an x-ray done in a weird room.

Apologies for the lack of information here.
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While it’s not a chest X-ray, plethysmography is done while sittting in a clear chamber and might reasonably have been done for this diagnosis. Otherwise it’s sometimes called full body lung testing. scroll down to plethysmography for a better explanation
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The Morgan Body Plethysmograph 'body box' for pulmonary lung function testing (one manufacturer's site, with pics of 'glass cabinet').
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