Keith Haring’s New York
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Apart from the locations for his murals, what were some important NYC locations for Keith Haring?
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Mudd Club, Club 57, and Danceteria were all associated with Haring. He was also a regular at Paradise Garage.
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My partner used to see him on the subways, pasting black paper over advertisements and doing chalk drawings/graffiti. He also thinks he used to go to a club called Tier 3.
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School of Visual Arts
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He showed with Tony Shafrazi at 163 Mercer St., which subsequently became a Marc Jacobs store and is now vacant. Other significant places are mentioned here.
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The Basquiat exhibit currently at the Guggenheim includes work by Haring.
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You might find this page on the Keith Haring Foundation website to be of interest.

The Foundation also has his archives, and you can request access on their research page - they hold his journals, exhibition files, photos and other a/v materials, etc. I don't know what your project is, but they could be an enormous resource.
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IIRC when we stayed at The Chelsea Inn in Manhattan (10+ years ago!) they owned and displayed some of Haring's original art work. I am including the TripAdvisor link because BitDefender is giving me warnings about their official site.
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There is a really nice alterpiece by him at St. John the Divine cathedral. Plus, a lot of other very interesting sculpture and art.

"The Life of Christ (1990), a bronze and white-gold triptych altarpiece, is among the last works of noted New York City artist Keith Haring (1958-1990), completed just weeks before his death from AIDS. True to Haring's inimitable and exuberant style, the altarpiece is crowded with angels and human figures, whose outstretched limbs lead the eye to the central figure of Christ. The altarpiece is a gift of the Estate of Keith Haring."
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