Hope me find 2 specific comics with life/figure modeling/drawing themes!
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1) Dragon wakes up in the city, does his morning routine, puts on a long coat, takes a subway, arrives at a drawing class, removes his coat, and strikes a pose on the model stand. 2) Artist painting a portrait (just the head) of a nude woman. He's asking "Why do you always take off your clothes when you come here?

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1 sounds just like the kids' wordless picture book Professional Crocodile, except it's a crocodile and he commutes to the zoo to be a crocodile (but he does remove his clothes and strike a pose for onlookers). Mentioning just in case you're misremembering.
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Wow ... It's a whole lot like the dragon comic, but not it!
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I googled "joke about nude model" and reviewed images and found this:

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That's a good one, and I'll use it ... But not the one I'm looking for!

I like your search term "joke about nude model" ... I'll try that too. I'd been using "comic ..." and "cartoon ..."
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If you are looking for art model comics generally, I found this trying to find the ones you specifically mentioned. Maybe it will help in your search?

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