Office 365 mail groups or distribution lists on iPhone
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Hi Everyone When at the office I can use Outlook on the desktop to mail to a group/distribution list. When outside the office I would like to use my email distribution lists to send mail to a group however I cannot see it in the native iPhone mail app (I can see my contacts). The same for the Outlook app on the iPhone - I can see my contacts however there is no way to mail to a group. Is there and app or a way to send email to a group from my iPhone? Thanks!
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Are these groups that you've made of your own contacts, or are these groups you can find in Global Address List? If they're groups in the GAL, then they each have email addresses that you can send to. Find that email address by going to Outlook on your desktop, putting the group in the To field in a new email, then right-click on the entry, and go to Open Outlook Properties. Go to the Email Addresses tab there, and you'll see the email address to send to. Just lop off the SMTP: at the front.

It's not going to auto-populate on your phone until you've done it manually once with each group you want to send to, but this will at least get it in there on the phone the first time.
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Hi Deezil

They are my own groups, not in the GAL.

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Yeah, those won't sync at all with the native mail app. Sorry for forgetting to look back here, but those exist in Outlook and only in Outlook. The only way to do that would be to install the Outlook app on your iPhone and try from there, as it can sync more of your Outlook data than the iPhone can.
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