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I need to pin a lot (20-50) dots on cities on 3 different versions of the same 2D world map (Locations of Activity A, Locations of Activity B, Locations of Activities A+B). We have already done this mapping a few times in various softwares, and every time we need to modify, it requires starting from scratch. There must be a dedicated program for this. What is the simplest way to accurately mock up this specific image in high quality? Previous attempts listed inside.

It’s really important that the final image is high quality. Ideally around 3000x2000 or higher.

We’ve already tried:

-picktograph (too fussy and time consuming when our VP suggest changes; also slightly inaccurate pins because everything is placed manually), way too low quality.

- google maps. we couldn’t find any way to export the laborious pinning we did as HQ images, we had to screenshot and it was a mess

- Adobe Illustrator (this is our best option so far due to the level of precision and image quality but it’s still slightly inaccurate due to manual placement, very fussy and time consuming, and it’s not sustainable because the only adobe licenses we have in our office are paid out of pocket by 2 people for non-work use)

Hope me please before my head spins right round and off of my body thank you
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google maps will let you pin and export a map as a high quality image.

1. go to your Google Drive and click "New" and hit the "more" at the bottom of the dropdown a couple of times until you see the Map option

2. In the new map add pins using the pin tool. repeat as needed

3 edit the name of your map and share as needed. the map will live in your google drive for future editing

4. when done, use the print menu item. you can have it output an actual print, a PDF or an image like this.

for the image above I selected a Large "paper" size and saved the resultant images
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Here's something I threw together in Tableau Public in a few minutes.

This was created from this CSV file:
City, Country, Activity
Seattle, USA, A
Melbourne, Australia, A
Paris, France, AB
Santiago, Chile, B
Lagos, Nigeria, AB
Colombo, Sri Lanka, B
Beijing, China, A
Buenos Aires, Argentina, B

  • Download Tableau Public
  • Create CSV (may need to add state column if city is ambiguous for country)
  • Have Tableau load the CSV
  • From Tableau's Dimensions tab, drag City on to the workspace.
  • Drag Activity over the Color marks card
  • Publish to Tableau Public

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Google Earth Pro (which is free).
Createing your pins in layers, saving the layers for later modification, exporting as JPG at high resolution are all supported.

The next level up of power and complexity would be a full GIS like ArcGIS (expensive, industry standard) or QGIS (free).
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