Can I plug a USB hub into a USB 3.0 port?
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I use a MacBook Air 2019 at work. Since it only comes with two USB C ports, I've had to purchase a Novoo USB 5-in-1 hub. It only comes with two USB ports, though. Can I plug a USB hub into it? More inside.

Here is a photo of the Novoo 5-in-1 hub I have plugged into my MacBook Air 2019.

As you can see, I have the MacBook's AC charger (in white) plugged into the USB C port, and two USB peripherals (both in black). I would like to add more devices that are powered by USB like earbuds and an electronic picture frame.

Can I do that?

Here is a link to the Novoo's product description on Amazon.

Here is a link to a simple 4-port hub that I was thinking of buying. This is what I'd plug the earbuds and picture frame into.

Is this possible? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?
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Yes. This will work just the way you would hope it might.
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I found this discussion with a little more context and a couple of caveats plus more links.
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My one concern would be that a MacBook Air can’t supply enough power to run the hub and other devices simultaneously. I have an older MBA and I found I couldn’t use two portable hard drives at the same time unless the hub had its own power supply.
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The 4-port hub has its own power supply, it looks like.
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