What's this job called: building tech across cultures
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A big part of my work in the Tech world has been to act as a sort of cultural translator between business owners in the U.S. and software developers in other places (like India). Are there people who do that for a living? Agencies? Who are they? What are they called?

I work as a product manager, and often as an account manager. I'm often on sales calls as because I can speak both business and tech. But more and more I've been asked to be a cultural liaison to, helping people navigate language and culture confusion.
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Business anthropologists often fill this role.
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I think that people who have the talents to do this kind of translation are most often not known by a special job title - it is just something they happen to be good at.

However those who work in user interface design, in one capacity or another, are often who are closest to having to fulfil this job description of being the go-between - acting as translators between "business and tech" (or between "consumers and tech"). The job titles of such people have changed over the years - but these days the label to start looking for is "user experience".
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The few people I've interviewed that have listed that kind of job in their history (not full techies, but can speak the language and work between management/stakeholders and the technical teams to ensure the project getting delivered is the project expected) was simply called a Business Analyst.
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This sounds like Business Relationship Management (which like many other things in this space, is more specific than it sounds) to me. With a bonus specialization in cross-cultural relationships.
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I'm not sure of the jobtitle, but I read "The Culture Map" By Erin Meyer, which is all about communication in the cross-cultural workplace. - She's an anthropologist I believe. But that book might help figuring out jobs in that area.
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We call people in this role "Business Analysts" or BAs.
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