Whose autographs are on this dollar bill?
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Can you identify the signatures on this dollar bill?

I received the bill as change at a chocolate shop in a Boston suburb over the weekend. Both the cashier and I said "Wow!" when he turned over the bill to count out my change and we saw all the signatures.

Bottom left on the back looks like David Lee and then maaaaybeeee Roth, but it doesn't look much like his autographs that I've found online. Middle signature looks like it has a Van in the center, but then the last name looks like it starts with a Z to me, but I guess that could be an H. Can't make out anything with the other two or the front.

Any ideas?
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David Lee Roth. Eddie Van Halen?
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I think the members of Van Halen is a decent guess, but not perfect. I think the R in Roth is a decent match to something like this especially as I imagine signing a dollar bill held on a hand or in the air or something.

When you consider the fact that it's a hard thing to sign, I can imagine the center being Eddie and the bottom right being Alex.
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Michael Anthony could be the remaining one on the top back.
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That's a series 2009 dollar bill, but Michael Anthony hasn't been in the band since circa 2004.
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Response by poster: Any thoughts about value? My guess is about a dollar (late in the band's popularity, poor quality signatures, poor condition of the bill) so I'll probably just hang it in my office as an oddity.
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I found a photograph signed by David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen that sold on ebay for $31.00. There's the additional complication of making sure the signatures are authentic. If you really wanted to sell it, you'd probably need to hire someone who could verify authenticity and would probably charge more than the bill is worth.

This seems to fall under cool thing to find, fun story, but not worth much money.
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Looking online at various autographs, none of those signatures match those of any of the members of VH.
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The one in the middle could be Van Zandt? Steven or Townes?
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My initial reaction just looking at it, without trying to interpret the signatures, is a short snorter (or something along those lines, not famous people, but a "We did this together").
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Smh. Ignore me. Townes Van Zandt died in 1997. And now that I have chance to look, Steven Van Zandt's signature doesn't really look like the one in your picture.
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