Should I reschedule this gyn appointment?
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I have a "well woman" appointment on Thursday where they'll do the pelvic exam and pap smear. Over the weekend, I had very rough sex and he came inside me (all consensual). Things are tender and likely swollen, and there is still semen slowly coming out. Should I reschedule my appointment, or will things be back to normal by then? I mostly just want the appointment to be able to be completed, and also not get comments from my gynecologist, who I don't have reason to suspect would actually make comments, but you never know.
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I am a bit worried you are saying semen is still coming out after what, 36-48 hours? Have you been standing up for at least some of this time? Could it be a fluid other than semen?

I think you should keep your appointment. You shouldn’t need a sex fast before a pap. If your doctor asks any questions, you can say you’ve had sex recently.
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By the way, you could also take a warm (not too hot) bath with Epsom salts and also use a bit of lube to help with swelling and soreness.
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Anecdata, but I have had a pap read inconclusive because of semen, also because of small amounts of blood from being at the tail end of my period (even though I had always heard that didn't matter!)

I usually use protection or don't have sex for a day or two before a pelvic exam, but the weekend through Thursday seems like overkill. If you're worried I would call the advice nurse and ask--you're unlikely to ever see them face to face and they've probably heard stranger questions.
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I think I've generally been been told to abstain 24-48 hours before mine. Not sure how evidence-based that is, but even under those guidelines, you should be fine.
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My feeling is what bluedaisy is saying. Usually semen gets out of you pretty quick, so I'd be concerned there is something else going on. And if there's something else, hey, great time to visit the gyn. I'd keep the appointment.
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Mod note: From the OP:
as an aside, this question was originally added to the anonymous queue about 18 hours after said sexual encounter. there is not still semen actively evacuating my body!
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You want there to be at least 48 hours for things to, uh, clear out, so you're fine on that front. If you are still swollen then it would be more of an issue.
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