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A close friend of mine knows a Syrian family in Lebanon who has been through tragic circumstances in the past few weeks and is in a dire financial situation as a result. My friend wants to set up a GoFundMe for them. None of them qualify for setting up a GoFundMe, but I do. Does anyone have experience setting up an international GoFundMe, and do you have any advice?

The important details are above the fold, but I'm specifically interested in hearing about:
1) The process of getting the money from my bank account to their bank account, and the relative ease/complications of that
2) Any information regarding the pitfalls of sending money to Lebanon, in terms of US-Lebanese political relations. I'd rather not face negative consequences for trying to help a desperate family.

Thanks for any and all input!
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You can send the money via Western Union. If they can access PayPal it will be cheaper, but WU will work. GoFundMe may ask for clarification of your relationship if you act as the recipient. I did this for a friend in Canada and it was fine.

Other than that it will work like any other fundraising campaign.
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