What is the name of this Australian Film?
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What is the name of this Australian film?

Before I describe it, I should warn that one of the things about this movie I remember most vividly is the huge spoiler in the final shot of the film which I will describe further down.

The film is based in either Sydney or Brisbane, during a very hot summer. It was set I think sometime between 1985 and 1995. I seem to remember it being about the construction of an expensive modern apartment building, which might have been called the Ark, or something like that. The development was plagued by problems, among which are someone involved in it going missing (feared murdered), and issues with water drainage.

*Spoiler time*

I think that the apartment project is eventually abandoned, and at the end of the film they finally get rain. It causes the drains to flood, and the final shot is of a head hand poking out of the drains, as we all realise what happened to that missing person and why the drains were clogged up.

*Spoilers over*

I'm very vague about the whole thing, and I may well have got details confused. The movie was one of those Lantana-esque state film industry-funded movies. I saw it on the ABC (here in Australia) a couple of years ago. If anyone has heard of this film and knows its name I'd be most appreciative. I'd love to hire it and see if it was at all as good as I remembered it being.
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I can only recommend you try search IMDB using the power search here. I tried it and was not able to find your film based on the information you supplied.
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Best answer: It was Heatwave. (Thanks dance, I used the IMDB power search you recommended and found it. Turns out it was made before 1985).
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On preview: great! I looked through imdb as well :) I also found this site, which I'll add for posterity:

Another search option is The Internet Movie Critic, a site that seems to have a good track record in finding films through obscure descriptions. (See the 'found' page here - some of these are awesome pickups). I have no idea how long they take, though.
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Never heard of it - was it any good?
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