Academic articles on Indigenous hunting rights in Canada?
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I am trying to find academic articles or opinion pieces on the right to hunt in Canada from an Indigenous perspective. Are there any good academic articles or opinion pieces on this subject? Looking for First Nations, Inuits, and Métis perspectives.
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This video letter from a young Inuit woman to Ellen Degeneres is not an academic article in the classic sense but it is essential viewing!
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ALso (if specific to Canada not Alaska) look at the work of Hugh Brody, Edmund Searles, and for an older classic jean Briggs.
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By no means am I an expert in the area but in terms of academic papers with a strictly Indigenous perspective on hunting rights they are few and far between. Perhaps in law circles it is more common? It may benefit you to expand your search to include papers that include ideas of indigenous identity and relationship to the Land. I know the topic does come up in those situations.

Not by a indigenous person but might be of interest:
Hunting by Indigenous Peoples of Charismatic Mega-Fauna: Does Human Rights Approach Challenge the Way Hunting by Indigenous Peoples is Regulated?

Not academic but there are a few National Film Board of Canada films on the subject (including by the great Alanis Obomsawin):
Hunters and Bombers
Is the Crown at war with us?
History of Manawan Part One
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I would reach out to Jeffrey Hewitt, a Cree professor of Indigenous and Constitutional law at Osgoode Hall, on Twitter and ask him. If he hasn't written such a paper, I'm certain he would know who has.

TBH, I would reach out to Sonia Lawrence, who was my (non-Indigenous) professor of constitutional law on Twitter and ask her, but I think Prof. Hewitt would be the better person to ask, I just don't know him very well.
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I'm in a bit of a pickle because it seems like you are an undergrad, and you are asking us to do your research. Where have you looked and have you asked the librarian at your university for help? This is really good, important stuff to know how to find using your campus resources. (I am a librarian but I am not your librarian.)

In the database America: History and Life (which includes Canada), I did the search hunting and first nations and got many, many results which look quite relevant. In this database, you could also try searches this like:
hunting and inuits
hunting and metis

I had similarly fruitful results in the database Ethnic NewsWatch, which includes news and also academic journals. And I also got a lot of results in the database Bibliography of Native North Americans.

Your university library website should have a link to databases that cover First Nations/indigenous peoples and North American history.

There are also excellent subject encyclopedias that will likely discuss this issue and have suggestions for books and articles. And I found lots of books in my library's catalog that seem relevant, including one from UBC Press called "The culture of hunting in Canada" that includes chapters about First Nations.

The Canadian Journal of Native Studies has some articles that look relevant, and a quick browse showed that the author's do identify tribal affiliation.

I know you are looking for the indigenous perspective, and it can be hard to tell based on the author's name alone, but if you start looking through the available literature and include things like Ethnic News Watch, you can start to follow the citation trail to find the kinds of perspectives you want.

If you've already talked to your librarian and gotten advice on search your library's databases, then I apologize for presuming you have not.
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