Is there such a thing as bathrobe-material pajamas?
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I'd like something that I can step into after a bath/shower without having to towel off. The most obvious choice is a bathrobe, but I would prefer something tighter fitting. Does this exist? If so, where can I buy it?
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When you say “bathrobe-material” are you referring to a thick terry cloth?

Terry or french terry (smooth on one side) pajamas are definitely a product that exists, they’re just often a shorter pile than you might find on a bathrobe.
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Yeah, I'm confused as to what you mean by bathrobe material. I feel like that could be anything. Or, at least, many things. Silk? Flannel? Terry cloth? I'm not sure what you mean.
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I assume you're looking for some kind of garment made out of towel material but not a bathrobe. You could ask a tailor to make something for you if you find a pattern of the kind of thing you're looking for.
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I found this googling "towel wrap"
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Here you go Terry cloth footed pjs.
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There are short "bathrobes" that have zippers, or buttons, that are sort of like a cross between a pajama and a robe. They can be pretty aggressively unattractive, but it does work for the idea you have and are pretty good to move around the house without feeling like you need to towel off first. They are a version of a house coat.
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If you mean post-shower absorbent bathrobes, made of terry cloth: Calida Men's Matthew Pyjama
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Why don't you just put your pajamas on without toweling off? Because sitting in wet clothing is not comfortable. I don't think wet terry cloth will feel any better. You might be better off getting a towel large enough to wrap around you and sit in that. I often sit in a towel under a ceiling fan.
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Try pajamas that are specifically described as moisture-wicking or for hot/sweaty sleepers. These are often lightweight and made of polyester or another synthetic. Merino wool might work too.

Cotton terry is good at getting water off your body, but it holds on to that water for an uncomfortably long time. I’m skeptical that any garment will completely eliminate the need to towel off; cotton definitely won’t.
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One of the swim team kids this summer had terry cloth pants, so they exist. Other than observing them, and they were not adult-sized, that’s all I have.
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This kind of thing? Or this?

Try googling “towelling onesie”, or “bathrobe onesie”.
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It’s expensive, but the Ace Hotel has these in their rooms and I can confirm it does what you want—you just pull it on post shower in place of a robe and it’s super comfy.
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Update: I bought the Calida pajamas and it was exactly what I was looking for. So happy with this purchase even though it took a while to ship.
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