Help me identify this post-9/11 Homeland Security Advisory parody video?
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Was thinking about this video I know I saw online maybe in the year (or two) following 9/11. The song is a male singer, mostly reciting safety platitudes while the video is, if I remember correctly, mostly a man slowly wrapping himself in plastic/bubble wrap and duct tape. It had something to do with just feeling uneasy and unsafe with all the safety stuff we were told to do in the years after 9/11, possibly triggered by this.

Snippets of the lyrics I remember (googling has not been helping)

Beginning: "Know your name and address, talk to a policeman.."
Part of chorus: "Red means stop. Green means go. Yellow means oh my god I don't fucking know"
Other lyrics: "Not the _______ driven by the trucker, it's the ones driven by terrorists, that's the ones we mean"

Ring a bell for anyone? Thanks!
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Hey hey the Twitters delivered. I had the lyrics a little off, but still, should have found Cautionary Tale, by Jim's Big Ego (lyrics).
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Would still like to find the video tho.
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