Movie where characters are drinking barbicide?
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Mefi, help me. My coworkers and I are trying to think of a movie where a character or characters are drinking the blue disinfectant at the barber shop. I’m seeing some reference to a Pete & Pete episode but that’s not really ringing the bell for anyone... Timer starts now folks, let’s see what you’ve got. Possible clue: I think it’s part of a montage?
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Will Ferrell did a Conan bit a few years back that ends with him chugging Barbicide, if that rings a bell? Clip here (apologies for FB but it won't make you log in and it's marginally a less-hostile platform than that of the actual Team Coco-hosted clip).
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It's not a movie, but Homer Simpson drinks barbicide in the Simpson's episode Homer Scissorhands. (Happens around 15:20 in the linked video)
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Archer drinks barbicide in this ep:
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In the beginning of Three Kings, everyone’s drinking booze disguised as bright blue mouthwash to celebrate the end of the first Iraq war. Could be what you’re thinking of?
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I feel like that happened in Earth Girls are Easy but I can't find the relevant clip.
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I know you said the Pete and Pete episode wasn't ringing the bell, but for what it's worth the sequence in Pete and Pete where this happens IS a montage. Also, while verifying that I was remembering this correctly, I discovered that the barber that Pete drinks the stuff with is played by J.K. Simmons. This show's cast is incredible. In case you want to check to make absolutely certain this isn't it, the montage occurs at about 14:55 into this video (which has some weirdly screwed-up audio).
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Not a movie, but it also happens in Pavement's video for "Cut Your Hair."
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IIRC the drinking of it was referenced, but probably not shown, in a host segment of MST3K—either #402 "The Giant Gila Monster" or #404 "Teenagers from Outer Space," I believe. Definitely a Joel episode.
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I’m gonna mark the Pete & Pete as best answer- it’s the closest to my memory and I think what I’m drawing on. My coworkers seem to think there’s another one they’re remembering with the character as an alien in human’s body, so the search continues (for them).
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Hm... earth girls are easy might fit that bill...
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