Seeking someone for minor home repairs in NYC
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I'm looking for someone with the skills and tools to perform some minor home repairs in my 2 BR Manhattan apartment—stuff like replacing some outlet covers, hanging a mirror, some small paint touch-ups, etc. I'm interested either direct recommendations, or sites where I can find someone. (I'm not interested in any DIY tips, though.) Thanks!
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The less handy people in my building swear by thumbtack, to find handifolk. I haven't personally used it, as I can do most of my own small fixes and own tools, but it looks pretty useful.
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Task rabbit is another option to find someone. I’ve successfully used them for moving furniture a few times and unclogging a shower drain though I haven’t used them for repairs. You can see the person you hire’s credentials, reviews, and everyone is background checked.
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I will pay the super from the building across the street from mine to do little things like this sometimes. Ask around buildings on your block if you aren’t keen on hiring an internet stranger.
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I found folks on both Thumbtack and TaskRabbit. Both useful sites. Thanks!
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