what is my new phone?
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My much beloved Samsung S5 mini is on it's last legs. What's my next phone?

I've had my phone for a long time now- probably four years, and it's been running pretty well. But I dropped it earlier this year and the back cover doesn't fit anymore (I've got a cover on it instead of the back cover plate), it's running slow, and the camera doesn't work any more. (I can still take selfies though!)

Things I like about this phone:
It's pretty tough.
It's small enough to fit into my pocket.
It has an IR blaster so I can use it as a remote. (I know this is something that isn't included much these days, and am willing to let this go.)
It's an android.

I'm in regional/rural Australia so the phone needs to be available on the Telstra network and have good reception.

My husband has the S10 and it's frankly too big for me. I like my little phone for my little hands.

There are kind of a two kinds of answers for this question:
I'm finding the fact that I need a new phone super overwhelming*, because I haven't really followed phones for the last 4 years. If you could recommend a successor, that's amazing!
If you can give me some pointers on how to find a good phone, that would be good too.

Bonus extra- can I do something to fix this phone and keep using it? I would love to do that.

*assorted life stuff also contributing to the much overwhelm.
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My 3 year old phone got wet and died. Moto XT 1575. I started to research phones, but it's so time-consuming. So I bought a used duplicate of it. No learning curve. I used swappa, but you have eBay, probably similar used tech sites.

I had already ordered a new battery, and had it installed in the new-to-me phone.
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Thanks for the thought, but I do want to upgrade, I think. I'd like something with a bit more processor/ram. The laggyness of this device is starting to get old.
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The iPhone SE has a devoted following amongst people that prefer smaller smartphones. I actually just bought an iPhone SE yesterday on swappa.com for $69. The iPhone SE is guaranteed to receive security updates for another year until September 2020. There are rumors that Apple will release another smaller form smartphone in 2020.
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Gsmarena.com is a pretty good resource to see what sub models are compatable with different countries networks and carriers and comparing features, sizes, etc. Motorola is a pretty good brand on the cheaper side of the spectrum that has most phones compatable worldwide.
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The S10e is the small model S10.

I had great luck with a Moto X. I would have gone back for another Motorola phone except for special circumstances.
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I'd like to weigh in with a dis-recommendation: don't get any of the Nokia models between 5.1 and 7.1. Despite the 6.1 being recommended by The Wirecutter as the "best budget Android," these phones have a known design flaw with a loose charging port that gradually becomes less and less functional until the phone doesn't charge anymore. I got mine in hopes of getting something on the smaller/cheaper/more durable side, but I've already had to send it in for weeks-long warranty repair and I haven't even owned it for six months yet. The 8.1 may not have this issue, but given my experience I wouldn't personally trust it.
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Thanks everyone. I ended up tossing up between the Samsung S10E (the smaller version of the flagship) and the Google Pixel 3a- ended up with the Pixel. It was not cheap, but not the most expensive version, and thankfully were able to get a nice discount.

It's odd (and cool) to be rocking the very latest Android, though!
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