Jobfilter: somewhere with the least work hour and housing so I can write
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I'm a goldfish of procrastination and OCD - I expand to the options I'm given. And right now that's killing my writing. So I'm looking for a job with housing somewhere in the world (not the US) where I can get some writing done. The less populated and less hours the better. Ideas?

Basically I took a job teaching English in a small town in Japan, remembering my time post-college where I taught in Seoul. I used to teach 4-5 hours of school with no prep every day and then have the rest of the day and my free apartment to myself. It was an easy job with plenty of free time. This isn't. It's a lot of prep work, grading and staff meetings as well as many more classes.

While this is all good news for overseas educational standards, it's bad news for me, who then does as much work as I was doing with a real job back in the US. Especially since I have OCD and when given a task I have to do it as well as I can. So now I'm spending hours fixing up the school's social media and planning new outreach instead of actually writing.

Which is par for the course with my procrastination.

So I need my Shining job (minus the madness and redrum). Someplace in the world where my distraction options are minimal and I can do as little work as possible to spend as much time writing as possible. Top of a mountain. Middle of a desert. Only person for 1000 miles. Horrible location that no one else wants to go? All fine by me.

Personal details: Bachelor's degree. Good references. And the minimum I need to make is about 20K a year as long as it comes with housing. Or 25K a year if not (and the local housing isn't much more than that 5k a year). Can't be in the US or I'll get even more drawn into social distractions.
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I was going to suggest teaching English in Japan - my experience was different than yours, so maybe a different school! Maybe a remote school of a chain eikaiwa? I had a really good experience with ECC - good quality and integrity, but no grading or anything. I was in Nagoya, but I know they have rural schools too.

Nanny or Aupair? There's a company that specialises in placements for expats or who are travelling.

And of course, you could potentially overcomplicate anything... Make sure the ocd (and adhd?) is treated first.
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How about teaching English online to Chinese students and living in a really cheap country but forking out for a good internet connection? I haven't done it myself but have heard that we're living in the golden age of online jobs teaching English to China ($25 an hour possible since you have experience, you could get 20hr work per week to meet your cost of living criteria). There's some lovely affordable cities:
Tsibili in Georgia for example is beautiful, affordable, Americans get a year long Visa on Arrival (last time I checked), and has fast internet options if you're willing to pay American-ish prices for the subscription.
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*(Tbilisi that is, sorry.)
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Teaching English online is definitely a thing but getting 25 and hour will be hard, and 20 an hour at that even harder. I use a platform called italki a lot for other languages and my GF uses it for English and her teachers on average range from 8USD-12USD. Though I think there are some companies that focus on teaching children...upside is more hours, downside is it can be a bit of a grind.

There are lots of countries that need English teachers. Rural Taiwan could fit the bill. Rural Vietnam, rural Tailand...all places where English teachers generally don't want to go.

I'd try and avoid China atm. Anecdotally (but from reliable sources), it's basically open season on teachers right now. Lots and lots and lots of bosses using every trick in the book to cheat teachers who basically have no recourse.
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Lighthouse keeper or property caretaker? I've seen some nifty roles advertised in Australia.
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In the USA the forest service has fire watchers, see if you can find something similar in AU or anywhere else that has fires.
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There's not that many Australian fire spotter jobs, and they're not exactly handing out visas for them. If you want to get a sense of what it's like, When the bush has eyes is a lovely ABC article on a Victorian fire spotter.
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Is being far from other people a requirement, or just something you are willing to do? This is much less romantic than lighthouse keeper, but what about doing long clinical drug trials? You have to be in-patient for awhile (so people with traditional jobs can’t do it), it pays pretty well, and you dob’t actually do much, just let them draw your blood however many times a day.
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